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“Unite for Her” Treatment

Acupuncture to help patients cope with side effects of breast cancer treatments. The cost is covered by "Unite for Her" (a non-profit organization)

‘Unite for Her’ (a non-profit organization) offers patients with breast cancer acupuncture to cope with side effects of breast cancer treatments. Benefit from such treatments help functional recovery. The cost is covered by Unite for Her. Please note that we do not have handicapped access to wheelchair bound patients.

Each patient is evaluated thoroughly at the first appointment to understand how she is affected physically and emotionally during her cancer diagnosis and treatment. After this assessment a treatment plan is developed using Oriental Medicine diagnostic principles & it addresses specific issues that come up during stages of treatment for breast cancer. The goal is to allow optimal conditions for the body to withstand treatment for cancer. Kalpana has been offering this service since the inception of Unite for Her foundation in 2009.

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