Jacqueline Lacava

Jacqueline Lacava, L.OM. Dipl.OM.

Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine- MSAOM, MSACN, NY Chiropractic College

I came to Phoenixville in 2014 because I was drawn to the community and access to a healthy lifestyle. My hope is that my private practice adds to these goals for other families as well.

I began my study of Chinese medicine in 2008, graduating from the Fingerlakes School of AOM in 2011. While traditional Chinese medicine is my foundation I have continued study in Five Element acupuncture and classical medicine. Over the last 10 years I have spent time in Hangzhou, PRC and Iksan, S.Korea studying acupuncture and herbal medicine. More recently I am spending time studying classical Chinese medicine with Sharon Weizenbaum. I have been the Director of the Dept. of Chinese Herbal Medicine at Won institute of Graduate Studies since 2016.

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