Pediatric Acupuncture

- Non-insertive techniques are available - Sessions are about 30 minutes for children under 10 years. - Treatment price varies per practitioner
Sample of medical equipment
Sample of medical equipment

Shonishin is a method developed in Japan in 17th century to treat babies and children and literally translates as ‘Children’s needle’. This technique is used for children under 10 years of age. The use of non insertive techniques allows children to experience the benefit of harmonious Qi energy circulation to maintain health and to treat common conditions such as digestive issues and respiratory conditions and promote a normal growth and development. Therapy involves tapping, stroking and brushing with the different tools shown here. Treatments are shorter in duration. In our experience children take to this treatment without fussing Parents are encouraged to learn simple massage skills at acupuncture points for maintaining health. Prior to the visit we do a telephone interview with parents to get detailed history as part of the evaluation.

Older children tolerate gentle needling and respond quicker than adults. The time frame for adolescent visits is similar to adults.

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