Kalpana Patankar

Kalpana Patankar, M.D. M.Ac. Dipl.OM.

Founder, Practitioner - Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine

This is my fifth decade in the practice of medicine. After over 30 years in Western medicine as a pediatrician, I began the practice of Oriental Medicine 15 years ago. I am rewarded as I work with patients of all ages with health challenges to live a more functional life. My family and I have have greatly benefited as we too have embraced this approach.

I graduated from medical school in 1970 and have practiced in Phoenixville since 1981. I was drawn to Oriental medicine in late 90’s because it offered a way to deepen my understanding of health and wellness. I completed a hands-on course for physicians at University of Southern California and also chose to complete a 3 year study to obtain a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture from Tai Sophia Institute, Maryland in 2003. I studied Five Element Style Acupuncture which is my foundation, and added Japanese Toyohari Acupuncture having studied with Japanese Senseis. I received Diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine after 2 years of study at the Won Institute of Graduate studies in 2014. I have been an adjunct Faculty member in Acupuncture at this school since 2005.

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