Welcome to our new site!

We welcome you to our new website and would like to share exciting new happenings this Spring.

Do let us know how you like it, as it now includes ability to schedule your appointments online and offers you details on the services we provide. We will be writing this blog to communicate with you with links to useful material, so do visit us frequently. Your feedback is appreciated.

Our practice has continued to grow since Jackie Lacava joined me in 2015. Jackie announced in Fall of 2017 that she was going to have a baby, so she is experiencing personal growth as a mother as well! After a healthy pregnancy she delivered beautiful baby boy, Elliot on an auspicious day on the calendar- Chinese New Year Day- February 16th 2018! Jackie continued to see patients here on her regular schedule almost up to her due date. She also continued to manage her duties as Department Chair for the Chinese Herbal Medicine Department at the Won Institute of Graduate studies (the only Graduate School for Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine in Pennsylvania). Baby Elliot needed her full attention in February and March and now with good support of family and childcare she returns to resume her normal schedule to serve you. Hats off to Jackie for doing bulk of the work on this website as well! This exemplifies her work ethic and supports my confidence in her as a partner in this practice.

**Congratulations to Jackie on this phenomenal accomplishment and personal growth as Mom as she celebrates her first Mother’s day!**

The other big announcement is that we will have Jan Wilson join us in August 2018. Both Jackie and I have experienced Jan’s talents as a skillful and compassionate acupuncturist as we know her from our work at the Won Institute where she trained for her graduate degree. She is a Board member of APA- Association of Professional Acupuncturists in Pennsylvania. Through this service she helps our profession to promote high standards of care in Oriental medicine in our state and serves as liaison to State Government. We are confident that she will offer sensitive and individualized treatments as her values and practice philosophy resonates with ours. Jan will offer both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine and guidance to restore you to optimal health.

This will be my fifth decade in medicine – initially as a Western Medicine physician and now for past eighteen years in this practice of Oriental Medicine. I assure you that my younger colleagues will continue to offer professional services to you in a highly personalized and caring manner as I have in the past four decades.

So, I offer you a GREAT WELCOME – to bring this ancient medicine to your modern life..


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